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 ​Deschutes Gourmet Mushrooms is dedicated to using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices to supply the finest gourmet mushrooms to the Central Oregon community. Located on 2 1/2 acres between Redmond and Bend along the Deschutes River, the delicate caps and stems are kept in pristine condition on their short journey from farm to table. The mushrooms are cultivated indoors on different combinations of sawdust, bran, whole grains and Avion water. They thrive in the fruiting room where temperature and humidity are closely monitored with a descending fog from a humidifier system that gives the mushrooms the additional moisture needed to grow. This very efficient approach eliminates waste and lessens demand on our local water table. There’s no need for any additional fertilizers or chemicals to produce these savory delicacies. Deschutes Gourmet Mushrooms are hand picked daily at their peak texture and taste to provide a superior end product all year long.

 From the delicate texture and rich taste of blue and white oyster mushrooms to the thick dense stems of the king trumpet, gourmet chefs around the world appreciate these versatile mushrooms to kick up any dish. With a nutty, subtle flavor that can be made into fantastic sauces or added to salads, soups, omelettes and risotto, they’re also great simply pan-fried, roasted or grilled. The King Trumpet, popular in Europe and Asia, grows in clusters developing a trumpet-like shape and appearance.The King Trumpet mushroom develops a thick white flesh that is firm-textured and meaty from the base to the cap. Being composed mostly of a thicker, tubby stem, many like to slice the stem in rounds and prepare them as they would scallops. These mushrooms are a great non-meat source of protein, rivaling beans and any other vegetable source. 

  Mushrooms are one of the few plant sources of vitamin D, and are also good sources of protein, fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and folate. Oyster Mushrooms are a good source for anti-oxidants known to protect against diseases and early aging and contain a large amount of the rare amino acid L- ergothioneine at a rate 40 times higher than in wheat sprouts and chicken liver. Lion’s Mane is known for healing effects on the nervous system and enhanced brain function as well as many other documented benefits.

**Please enjoy all of these mushrooms after first cooking. Proper heat treatment denatures toxins, softens fungal tissues, and allows our natural digestive enzymes to access and utilize the inherent benefits of culinary mushrooms Raw mushrooms are largely indigestible because of their tough cell walls, mainly composed of chitin. Thoroughly heating them releases the nutrients they contain, including protein, B vitamins, and minerals, as well as a wide range of novel compounds not found in other foods.

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