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Lions Mane Fritters

5-6 oz. Lions Mane mushroom

Light flavored high temperature oil

Pat of butter
Sea salt


Lions Mane is best enjoyed in its purest form; you don’t want to disguise the flavor of this mushroom by cooking it in a complex meal.

Tear the whole mushroom into golf ball sized wedges by separating it like a head of cauliflower.

Heat large skillet with only a light coating of oil or dry sauté the mushroom pieces until all the water boils away and the edges begin to brown.

While sautéing, press down on pieces with a spatula or bacon press. Add pat of butter to the skillet, enough to coat the mushrooms, and cook until golden brown.

Dash the cooked mushrooms with a pinch of sea salt and eat them while they’re hot.

Garlic and/or shallots are a great flavor compliment to this preparation.

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